Welcome to the homepage of the FilePlottingTools add-in for Excel.  Here you can download the latest installers and source code, report bugs, request features for future development, or register to join the mailing list

Fileplotting tools is released as open source software.  Please see the License Agreement.

FilePlottingTools Overview

FilePlottingTools is a custom add-in for Excel developed in VB.net.  It was originally designed to quickly compare thermal analysis results from many different analysis cases through the use of plots, and numerical tables.  The add-in can plot and compare delimited text files, which can be produced from logic blocks in most analysis software packages, as well as data acquisition systems from test facilities.   It uses an intuitive interface to greatly reduce the time required to develop presentation and report-quality plots from large time-dependent data sets.  The add-in is currently formatted to handle temperature data, but it is easily extensible to any time dependent data, such as strain, acceleration, velocity, and pressure.  Plug-ins could easily be developed to handle these types of data-sets.

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